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Mission Statement

  • To engage in targeted study and produce evidenced-based research on Black fatherhood and the impact of a father’s influence on the family dynamic.

  • To educate society and key stakeholders to see Black fathers in a more positive light. 

  • To equip others with training on best and promising practices for engaging and supporting Black fathers in various societal settings.

Vision Statement

  • To be a network of Black female scholars dedicated to strengthening the Black community through understanding the critical influence of a father’s role in the Black family.

Core Values

  • Sisterhood

  • Scholarship

  • Solidarity

  • Strength

BFFSN History

BFFSN was founded in May of 2020 in Waco, TX by Brianna P. Lemmons, Ph.D. The mission, vision, core values, and goals of BFFSN were established by 5 founding members in August of 2023 at the Inaugural BFFSN Summit in Savannah, GA.

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Why Black Women in Fatherhood?

“Any discussion of Black families and the struggle for survival must give special attention to the role of women." (Andrew Billingsley, 1968)

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