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Education & Training Committee

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These dads are amazing. Potential guests for the podcast.

  • Kelley Hollie

    I like United with Black Fathers because I think it gets at our pillar of Solidarity. We have 3 pillars...Sisterhood, Scholarship, and Solidarity (with Black fathers and families). So, perhaps whatever name we come up with can get at the 3rd pillar.

  • Kelley Hollie

    Kellie, if you want to poll everyone on the names for the podcast, you can do a poll here in the group. It's at the top of the page where is says "share something."

  • Kelley Hollie

    I don't see the names Maretta posted.

  • Kelley Hollie

    Hey Everyone, I really like all of the names that were shared by Marietta. We should vote on one. I am excited to be apart of this committee keep me informed! Peace, Blessings and LOVE!

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